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The free version of the Tinder has set a limit on the number of likes a user can have before having to pay up to $ 20 a month if they are older than the ripe age of 30. The use of the new services will be possible only if you buy the Plus version. With Tinder Plus APK you can have Tinder Plus for free!

People with less than 26-28 years, especially in these times, are often reliant financially or their budget is severely limited. But payment is not necessary now! Learn how to get Successful Dates on a Tinder.

How to get Tinder plus for free?

If you’re using an Android device, it’s simply quite easy for you to swing beyond the obstacle you just have to revert to a previous version of Tinder it without functionality removed. How does this happen? Check out the presentation step by step to understand.

The only thing that lets me bypass the swipe limit is hibernating Tinder with Greenify and then swiping right. When I see the message to buy Tinder Plus then I’ll hibernate Tinder and that will gain me one additional right swipe. I’m testing it out right now so I’m curious as to see of the right swipes week actually register successfully this way.

  • Pressing the recent apps button and then going back to Tinder seems to let me bypass the limit
  • Right swipes with the module don’t register. I saw the same people come up in the queue on a different device.

Removes the Like-limit under Android again and other premium features such as the relocation use free.

Tinder limits the number of people with whom you can flirt and performs additional functions a with high prices. This displeases users.

The limitation of the Tinder-Likes ensures the net for excitement. Only those who paid may be awarded to potential candidates Flirt unlimited Tinder Likes. Some users even reverse the Flirt app back and soft from the alternatives. But there is another way. Who Tinder on an Android phone or a tablet PC uses, which can cancel the limit with a trick again.

Do you have your Likes depleted, you must normally wait 12 hours until you are new likes available? Have you not this patient, there is a trick.

If you then return to the Tinder app, you can liken diligently and without any restriction. A test on the iPhone has shown that this trick does not work there.

With another trick do you use the premium feature that you can change your location? We show in the following photo gallery step by step how you can use to pay these Tinder function without. For this, you must first the developer options unlock on your smartphone or tablet.

Use premium features on  Tinder free

While the Undo function also still will not use, the change of location is possible with a trick. But you go back into the settings and opens the ” Developer options “. In the Developer options, you set a checkmark next to the item “Allow mock locations”.
If the manipulation of the site when you do not work reliably, it is necessary to disable also the option for the use of wireless networks for localization in the settings.

Possibly occur when stopping the app problems in this regard that your current location does not reappear. In this case, you have to manually set your current location the pin. Pushes the map it to the appropriate position.

Download Tinder APK latest version on Android Free

Here you can find direct one click to download Tinder Plus APK file on your android phone and follow the installation of Tinder Plus APK android.

  • From below download button, download the latest version of “Tinder Plus v6.8.apk” file for android.
  • Now open your android phone and go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.
  • Enable the tick mark on Unknown Sources.
  • Now double click on your APK files and wait to see the complete installation.
  • It’s the time to share your talent via Tinder Plus to your friends.

Download Tinder Plus APK

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